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Who we are

Created in April 1989 and located in Colomiers, near Toulouse, Phylum is a consulting firm in strategy, quality organisation and management and information systems. Since more than 25 years Phylum supports enterprises in food supply chains, particularly in the animal production sector (from agricultural supplies to distribution), environment and their service providers (laboratories, certification bodies, administrations…).

The Four Founding Partners

François Gary
Associé fondateur - docteur vétérinaire - Expert en stratégie et en gestion des risques dans les domaines de la santé animale et de l’alimentaire
Philippe Baralon
Associé fondateur - docteur vétérinaire - Expert en stratégie et organisation dans le domaine vétérinaire
Pascal Lebret
Associé fondateur - Responsable de l’unité Système d’information - Expert en système d’information gestion des risques
Jean-Michel Fabre
Associé fondateur - Spécialiste des filières laitières

A Multidisciplinary Team with Business Expertise and an Innovative, Methodical Approach

- Veterinarians
- IT engineers
- Biological process engineers
- Computer scientists

Our Additional Value : A Distinctive Approach Supported by an Innovative Approach

- An in-depth knowledge of environmental and food supply chains and their modes of operation : our reflection relies on both analysing each link in the chain within the various food supply chains and taking into account the impact of each decision upon other levels of the sector.
- Multidisciplinary teams : our consultants have twofold training, technical (engineers and veterinarians), managerial (finance, quality…) and also methodological skills (finance, computer science, food safety and crisis management, quality assurance…) necessary for the understanding of all the issues experienced by our clients.
- A global approach : Phylum takes into account different aspects of a project – economic, financial, marketing, organisational, production quality and safety – thanks to the multidisciplinarity of the team and through a network of skilled partners, allowing to complete the approach to complex problems.
- A network of partners : technical institutes, research centres such as ENV (French National Veterinary School), INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), INRA (European Agricultural Research Institute), OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health), AFSSA (French Food Safety Agency), AFNOR (French National Organisation for Standardisation), etc.