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Phylum has been working for more than 25 years for the food supply chains and the environment in the context of organisational, strategic and financial audit missions. Phylum has got a huge experience in the field of public and private structures. Phylum takes into account all the aspects of a project: strategic analysis, merger or grouping of structures, financial analysis and analytical accountancy, quality management, organisation and structuring of the information system, through the diversity of its services and its network of experts.

Management system

Phylum takes part in the development and integration of its clients’ management systems, for their certification or accreditation: quality management (ISO 9001), food safety (ISO 22000, IFS…), animal welfare (ISO TS 34700*), inspection (ISO 17020) or certification (ISO 17065…) bodies, analysis laboratories (ISO 17025).
(*) Phylum piloted the ISO working group that developed this technical specification.

Risk management

Phylum works with its clients, private operators or competent authorities, for the safety management linked to their activities: food safety, animal health, protection of plant, longterm management of ressources… This covers analysis and prioritisation of risks, definition of safety policies, risk control plans (diseases, contamination…), traceability, crisis prevention and management…

Information systems

Phylum offers services in the fields of consulting, design and implementation of information systems, for organisations in charge of health risk management or quality management system. Phylum has got a high level of expertise in the fields of dematerialisation, integration and valorisation of analysis laboratories data through
Electronic Data Interchanges systems: eLabs, SANDRE, SACHA, SISE-EAUX, etc.


Since 2005, Phylum has been developping a software package solution for analysis laboratories: Phylum.Laboratoire. This tool, a specialised ERP analysis laboratories, covers all the functions of the laboratory (sales, production, invoicing), integrates management functions for data flows (integration of PLC data or management of EDI languages ​​such as SACHA, SANDRE.EDILABO, SISE-EAUX…, and a reporting module. Phylum.Laboratoire is used in laboratories working in the fields of Hydrology, Food Hygiene, Animal Health, etc.