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Phylum has created and developed Epifaune for the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage (National Office for Hunting and Wild Fauna). Epifaune is a database designed to store and use data from several epidemiological monitoring networks concerning wild fauna, such as the SAGIR network. The National Parks appointed Phylum to conduct a study to extend the use of this database to their own networks, and thus settle a multi-purpose tool on health data of wild fauna.


ONISPA (National Office for Health Inspection of Fishing and Aquaculture Products) in Mauritania has just got its inspection department accredited in accordance with the ISO 17020 standard by TUNAC. This organisation is responsible for fishing products inspection and their certification for exports.
In 2014 and 2015, Phylum supported ONISPA in getting this accreditation within the scope of the EDES European programme (EDES is an ACP-EU Programme funded by resources from the 9th European Development Fund). The purpose of EDES is helping ACP states in consolidating their national (or regional) policies on food safety to facilitate their access to international markets.
The aim is to establish management of Food safety systems in 20 ACP countries, complying with international standards and EU requirements.

Management of Animal Health (December 1st, 2016)

Specification ISO TS 34700 "ISO / TS 34700: 2016, Management of Animal Health – General Requirements and Advice for Food Chain Organisations, has been officially published.
This is the result of 4 years of work by a working group that brought together 130 experts on animal health, from all over the world and who represented the different stakeholders. François GARY, partner of Phylum, and Mathilde CLAUSS were the leaders of this working group, with the support of SSAFE.

The ISO press release and the link for ordering this new technical specification are available on:

Assessment of the Canadian Veterinary Services by OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health)

During 3 weeks, in March 2017, Dr François GARY, partner of Phylum, was member of the OIE experts team who took care of the PVS (Performance of Veterinary Services) assessment of the Canadian Veterinary Services. This assessment results of a voluntary initiative made upon request of Canada. "It will serve to create a common vision of the way in which the Canadian Veterinary Services can be improved."

Refer to the release from ACIA:

WHO Joint External Evaluation of IHR in Thailand

From June 26th to 30th, 2017, Dr. François GARY, partner of Phylum, has been part of the WHO assessing team as representative of the OIE (World Animal Health Organization) for the Joint Evaluation of the level implementation of the International Health Regulation (2005) in Thailand. The objective of this assessment was to assess the core capacities of Thailand in surveillance, prevention and control of public health concerns of international importance. He has led and co-led the technical areas related to zoonotic diseases (surveillance, control and prevention), food safety, and the public health and animal laboratories network.

Contribution of Dr. François Gary to the publication of an article in the journal Le Nouveau Praticien Vétérinaire N ° 36 - April 2017 (New Editions Vétérinaires et Alimentaires)

The ISO TS 34700 technical specification describes the procedures to implement an animal welfare management system within an organisation in charge of animals for the production of food ...

More information on the article co-written by François Gary and Sandrine Espeillac (in French) on:

Editorial of this issue written by François Gary available in pdf (in French)

Workshop For Preparation of Contingency Plan on 3 Priority Diseases and generic plan for EAC, ECCAS and COMESA

Dr. François GARY, partner of Phylum, with the support of Pr Hichem BOUZGHAIA of the National Veterinary School of Tunisia, has been the facilitator of the “Workshop For Preparation of Contingency Plan on 3 Priority Diseases and generic plan for EAC, ECCAS and COMESA”, that took place in Naivasha, Kenya, from July 17th to 21st 2017. More than 70 participants have attended this workshop coming from 22 African countries and EAC, ECCAS, COMESA and AU-IBAR. This workshop is a concrete example of the partnership between Phylum and AU-IBAR and it has been founded by EU (VET-GOV programme).

OIE first training on the PVS process for the countries of Francophone Africa, - Dakar, 10 to 12 of July 2018

Phylum, in the person of Dr. François GARY, was invited by the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) to participate in the animation of the training on the PVS process for the countries of Francophone Africa, for the reinforcement capabilities of the Veterinary Services.
Following the review of the PVS strategic plan, the OIE decided to launch a country training cycle to improve their capacity to use the tools of the PVS process.